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20 surprising facts about the penis

It would seem, what could be so interesting here? However, the male genital organ is a very unusual element from the point of view of physiology. And if we have already written about the features of the male body, today we have collected for you a selection of 20 facts about the penis - interesting, unusual and those that will definitely surprise you.

Male Penis Facts
  1. The largest penis in the world today reaches almost 35 cm in an erect state. There are, of course, "samples" and more, but here it is necessary to take into account that the genital organ must also function normally.
  2. The smallest penis registered by doctors was a penis only 1.5 centimeters long. True, others argue that there were even such cases when the head was simply attached to the pubis, without any transition.
  3. But there is nothing critical about this: plastic surgery works wonders. To date, it has been proven that it is possible to enlarge the penis by 7-8 centimeters - and this is only at rest.
  4. Sperm production in a man's body begins at the age of about 11-12 years - in fact, this is puberty.
  5. Scientists say that 150-200 years ago this age was on average about 14 years, but now boys become men much earlier.
  6. Sperm is ejected from the penis at a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour. This is about the same speed as a big bus travels through the city.
  7. After the orgasm has come, the erection weakens and stops altogether - everyone knows that. And a man needs at least 2 minutes to restore it. 2 minutes is a record short figure, and a record long was registered in 2 weeks!
  8. During the eruption of semen, about 2 teaspoons of semen flows out, although visually this amount seems much larger.
  9. Of these 2 teaspoons, only 5% will be sperm. Everything else is a protein auxiliary fluid, in which, in fact, these spermatozoa live.
  10. 1And these same 2 teaspoons will contain more than 100 million sperm - a lot, isn't it? Although only one reaches the "goal"!
  11. Statistics give us the following figures: on average, about 8 thousand times a man ejaculates in his entire life.
  12. At the same time, a quarter (about 2 thousand) falls not on sex with a partner, but on masturbation.
  13. Throughout its life, the male body produces about 50-60 liters of sperm. You can imagine this amount like this: the average bath for one person has a volume of 150 liters. Fill it up a third and ... be surprised!
  14. Who and when said that semen is high in calories? This is pure protein, and calories in one "portion" of sperm (and for this amount we take all the same 2 teaspoons) - only 12-14.
  15. The average length of the male penis at rest is only 8-10 centimeters. Of course, everything is individual!
  16. Well, in an excited state, with full and maximum erection - about 12-14 cm. And this is quite enough for the full satisfaction of the partner. So, girls, do not look for that very record holder from point number 1 with a penis length of 35 cm.
  17. Scientists say that the average length of the male genitals on our planet has decreased by about 3 centimeters over the past few decades. What is the reason? The main thing is called a sedentary lifestyle and work, lack of movement and physical activity.
  18. In a non-erect state, the girth of the penis at the base (the largest parameter) reaches about 10 centimeters.
  19. In a state of erection, the penis increases not only in length, but also in volume, and reaches more than 13-14 centimeters.
  20. Let's digress into the area of the animal world. Just to compare. The largest member in nature is the blue whale. How much do you think? About 3.5 meters!
Male Penis Facts

12 interesting facts about the penis

At a young age, men often think about their penis. But why a prolonged erection is dangerous, why the penis bone disappeared in the process of evolution, and where the male G-spot is located, few know. Let's find this out.

When it comes to the penis, the first thing to think about is its size. More than 50% of men consider their penis too small, while 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner's penis. The size of manhood has been discussed for a long time, but this is far from the most interesting thing that can be said about him. We invite you to read some amazing facts about the male genital organ.

1. Penis with bone

The term "penis" comes from Latin and means a tail. Not only mammals have this reproductive organ, but also worms and insects.

In some mammals, such as monkeys and dogs, the penis is supported by bone, which facilitates rapid intercourse. This is important for animals living in highly competitive conditions, when many males have to fight for fertile females. The direct ancestors of man, as evolutionary biologists explain, originally had a bone in the penis.

2. Why do men have no bone

During the development of Homo Sapiens, the bone of the penis degraded. There are several hypotheses about her disappearance. For example, the bone could make it difficult for an erection. On the other hand, the ability of the penis to erect without the help of the bone testified to the health of the man and his good heredity, which attracted women.

Strong erections are usually associated with good health. If it is weak, it may indicate a variety of medical conditions, such as heart failure.

3. The penis grows with demand

The penis begins to grow during adolescence and reaches its size at the age of 19. If over time it is less and less active, then the tissues wrinkle. Regular intercourse or masturbation helps maintain the natural size of the penis.

4. Natural lubricant

Even before the ejection of semen, a slightly sticky and colorless secret is secreted on the penis. When sexually aroused, the glands form a pre-ejaculate like a woman's vagina. Pre-ejaculate and vaginal secretions are natural lubricants. Some studies have found that there are no sperm in it, others, on the contrary, have found them.

5. Rapid ejaculation

The penis ejects semen at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour. This is comparable to a leisurely bike ride or a long-distance running pace. But for some men, the rate of ejaculation can reach as much as 50 kilometers per hour. Speed is very important for fertilization - it allows sperm to enter the vagina with the highest possible pressure.

6. 50 liters of semen

Scientists have found that men who ejaculate every second day from adolescence to old age, a total of 50 liters of sperm in their entire life.

7. Point G

It's not just women who have such a pleasure center. In men, an erogenous hot spot is located about 5-7 centimeters from the anus on the inner wall of the intestine near the prostate gland.

The prostate tissue is laced with a large number of sensory nerves and therefore responds to stimulation. However, not all men are aroused from prostate rubbing.

8. Penis athlete

Strong erection and strong muscles: Taiji master Mo Ka Wang from Hong Kong has set the world record for lifting weights with a penis. He managed to lift almost 120 kilograms with just one penis.

9. The duration of an erection is limited

Normal penile endurance is 9 to 15 minutes - don't believe porn movies. Then the erection weakens - a short rest phase begins, after which the penis returns to full combat readiness.

10. Long erection is dangerous for the penis

We can talk about it if the penis remains strong for at least 2 hours. In this case, a man sometimes experiences pain.

There are 2 reasons for this: either too much blood flows to this spongy organ, or the blood does not flow from it correctly. Medicines or drugs are often to blame for this. The doctor should start treatment no later than 6 hours after the onset of an erection, otherwise the tissue will die.

Here is a real illustration of this fact: The 66-year-old Colombian decided to prolong his erection as much as possible and took a lot of Viagra pills. At first, he and his wife were pleased with the unrelenting strength of the penis. But even after several hours, the painful erection did not subside, the first bruises appeared. A day later, the man went to the hospital. The penis could no longer be saved; it had to be amputated.

11. Penis extender - long but weak

With its help, it is really possible to achieve an increase in the penis up to 3 centimeters. But at the same time, the extension cord changes the internal structure of the penis, which causes erectile dysfunction.

12. Why does the penis have a seam?

On the back of the penis, from the foreskin to the perineum, there is a seam - we are talking about the legacy of the period of embryonic development.

Up to 7 weeks gestation, the genitals of all embryos are female.

At 8 weeks, the male embryo begins to produce male hormones. The small, open labia are closed. This joint or seam is the seam of the penis.

13 secret facts about his penis

For us girls, his "best friend" is a mystery. And we find "him" pretty interesting because we don't have anything like that. Although we actively communicate with him during sex, much remains incomprehensible. Here are 13 secret facts about his penis!

1. Excess weight

As a man gets fatter, it becomes more difficult for him to have sex. Because men with a bigger belly are more prone to erection problems.

2. Minus due to smoke

Unfortunately, smokers lose not only years of life, but also the length of the penis. Several studies have shown that his penis can lose up to one centimeter due to cigarettes.

3. Masturbation is the best coach

Everything is good in moderation. If he plays with his penis like a three-year-old boy with a toy car, it may happen that his penis gets stressed and loses its power. If he allows him to rest for a few days, the likelihood that the erection will be more impressive increases significantly.

4. An erection appears during puberty

No, it’s not like that. Even in the womb, the fetus may have an erection. And mothers of little boys sometimes notice their erections. But this type of erection, of course, should not be compared with the response of a sexually mature man to arousal. Most likely, it is a body control program aimed at checking the normal functioning of organs.

5. Orgasm without erection

It is also not entirely true that a man can come to a climax without having an erection. An exception is prostate massage.

6. Oral enlargement

One study suggests that oral foreplay lengthens the penis slightly as opposed to manual stimulation. Mmmm, very doubtful

7. Left or right?

Why does he sometimes change sides? If you think that a man controls this process depending on his mood, you are wrong. In fact, it all depends on the position of the scrotum, because in most cases one of the testicles is slightly higher than the other. Accordingly, there is more space in either side, and it becomes more convenient.

8. As you gain weight, does it decrease?

Yes it's true. The penis contracts. Research has shown that the average penis has shrunk by 1 centimeter over the past 50 years. One of the reasons for this is, among other things, being overweight. Because being overweight negatively affects hormonal balance, that is, hormones that are responsible for the growth of the penis.

9. Can it break?

If a man makes frictions quickly, it can happen that the penis will bend sharply. In the worst case, it will be a so-called penile fracture, in which the erection immediately returns, but the penis swells and even begins to turn blue. Sounds painful. But this is not a real turning point. Since there are no bones in the penis, it is basically incapable of breaking. However, it is better not to rush during intercourse.

10. Is the penis the most sensitive part of the body?

The penis with 4000 nerve endings is located in the front. This makes it easier to stimulate and makes him very vulnerable. But women are still ahead of men in sensitivity. There are 8000 nerves in the clitoris and therefore it is even more susceptible.

11. What does the nose say?

Can you determine the size of his penis by a man's nose? Unfortunately not! Although there are some similarities in isolated cases, studies have shown that the length of the nose does not affect the size of the genitals. The arms and legs were also tested in this context. Result: negative. So ladies, if you want to know what's in his pants, check it out!

12. Why is circumcision necessary?

Penile circumcision is used to remove the foreskin. Sometimes circumcision is simply necessary if there is a narrowing of the foreskin. Circumcision is also done for religious or sexual reasons. But it is a myth that circumcised men experience more pleasure during sex. True, it is easier for them to cleanse the penis due to the absence of the foreskin.

13. From vertical to horizontal

Young men have strong erections and the penis rises about 20 degrees above the body. With age, the angle of inclination gradually decreases. Men over 40 often have to settle for horizontal erections.

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