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Common myths about male potency

Remember how they used to talk about real men? That they should be able to cope with the three main things for any representative of the stronger sex: with wine at the table, with a sword in battle and with a woman in bed. Do you agree? We - yes, and therefore the topic of our today's article will be nothing more than male potency.

Potency problems are one of the biggest fears of any man. His personal self-esteem depends on this, which, as you know, can destroy a whole life. The loss of the ability to satisfy a woman in bed is the subject of jokes and anecdotes around the world. And also - the subject of the most close study of physicians.

So what are the most common myths about potency and impotence can be, and you still believe in them?

Decreased potency

1. If an erection is observed, then everything is in order!

Men themselves piously believe in this, believing that the worst thing can only be that which he does not "get up". In fact, despite the fact that impotence is called erectile dysfunction (that is, the impossibility of an erection), this may not be the problem. At the beginning of intercourse, everything can go well, but in the process itself, trouble can happen. And here no forces can force “that which has fallen” to rise. The inability to complete intercourse, as well as the inability to ejaculate, are also serious signs of impotence. In such cases, if they are observed repeatedly, it is imperative to be examined by a doctor.

2. The cause of impotence is psychological

But this is what women already think. Naturally, they are offended that a man is not able to have sex with them. This means that he simply does not want them, and the reason for the lack of an erection lies only in the head. This is by no means the case. Yes, in some cases, psychological trauma, children's complexes, and stiffness can become the prerequisites for the onset of impotence. In such cases, a visit to a psychologist is, of course, necessary and can give 50% of the result of recovery. But the remaining 50%, or even more, lie entirely in the field of physiology and require medication (or even operable - depending on the case) treatment.

3. The cause of impotence is in the reproductive system

Also, many believe that the absence of an erection, complete or partial, or the inability to complete intercourse are associated with diseases of the genital organs only. Everyone has heard the word "prostatitis", which explains the problem by those who are not privy to the intricacies of physiology. Although any good doctor, upon detecting erectile dysfunction or similar problems, will suggest that you undergo a full examination of the whole body. Other diseases can also affect potency, in particular, problems with the thyroid gland, hormonal disruptions, diabetes mellitus, heart and vascular diseases, problems with blood pressure, etc.

4. Impotence is the lot of the elderly

And again by! It is believed that in recent decades, impotence has significantly "rejuvenated". Although, in fairness, it should be said that there were practically no records of such diseases before - the men themselves, suffering from them, carefully concealed their inability to intercourse. Yes, indeed, with age, the work of the reproductive system of the body deteriorates - this is thought out by nature itself, which determines the best childbearing age, after which there is no longer a need for sexual function. In older people, blood circulation slows down and becomes weaker, and this is the reason for the inability to "pump" enough blood into the penis. But erectile dysfunction can also be observed in 30-40-year-old men - so to speak, in their prime. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle, a minimum of physical activity, bad habits, poor diet and poor environment. Until the age of 30, it is much less common, but 20-year-olds can sometimes have erectile dysfunction caused by psychological reasons or diseases.

5. All drugs for impotence work the same

Never try to self-medicate and purchase an advertised product like Viagra. Symptoms cannot be treated - and the lack of an erection is precisely a symptom and consequence of some kind of disorder in the body or disease. Therefore, it is very important to first determine the reason why your sexual function is impaired, and only a doctor can do this. And only he should prescribe medications so that they act on the very disease that you have. In general, complex therapy has proven itself well - medicines for the main cause of impotence and medicines aimed specifically at improving blood circulation in the genitals, as well as an auxiliary intake of hormonal drugs such as testosterone. And in some, especially serious cases, the problem is solved only with the help of surgical intervention.

Decreased potency

Why is male strength declining?

Various factors can influence a decrease in potency. The general condition of the body is also important, because ailments of the internal organs can also affect potency. The main reasons for the decrease in male power include the following.

  • Disorder in the endocrine system

    This leads to the destruction of the production of special hormones responsible for sexual function, which leads to injury or organ disease. To solve this problem, you should seek help from an endocrinologist. He will give the patient blood tests for hormone levels. After that, the doctor will prescribe therapy, which includes hormonal drugs.

  • Decreased potency due to taking medications

    There are certain drugs that contain female hormones. They are intended for the treatment of cancer. You should not be surprised that even a simple aspirin or diuretic can affect male potency if taken for a very long time.

  • Neurological disorders

    Yes, they are also one of the reasons. These include: epilepsy, impaired blood flow to the brain, sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, trauma or surgery in the pelvic area or perineum.

  • Stressful situations

    Occurring at work or in the family, they also often affect the work of the male organ. It is worth learning how to properly organize the regime of work and rest, as well as getting out for a walk more often.

  • Mental difficulties

    They can also become one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Prolonged depression, persistent neurosis, dissatisfaction with your woman or yourself, fear of unwanted conception or, even worse, contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Improper nutrition

    As well as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle - all these factors are also the main enemies of male potency. It is believed that even the smallest dose of alcohol affects the function of the testicles. When consumed, the whole body is intoxicated, after which the testicles cannot restore their work at all.

    The same can be said for smoking. At the present time, cigarettes contain many dangerous elements. A sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer, at work, or at home in front of the TV disrupts blood flow to the penis. Therefore, do not forget about physical activity and walking.

How to get erectile function back?

The first step is to find the cause of the whole problem. After that, you can already start off and look for a solution. This problem worries most men, but only ten percent seek help from a doctor. But if a representative of the stronger sex is embarrassed to talk about his problem, then there are sites where doctors are consulted anonymously.

Do not be afraid of a decrease in potency, because all difficulties can be solved. Often the main problems are stress, unhealthy diet and lack of positive aspects. But it is worth discarding all the negative, everything will return to normal.

Products called aphrodisiacs are an excellent way to increase erectile function. They are also rich in essential minerals and amino acids that increase desire for a partner and improve blood circulation to the penis. Sometimes it is recommended to diversify your sex life or find a new partner to restore male power.

Often, to increase potency, they come to folk methods. Dubrovnik, calamus root decoction and galangal tincture will be excellent support. But so that the effect does not turn out the opposite, it is worth observing a clear dosage. Herbs not only have a beneficial effect on the penis, but also cleanse the internal organs of harmful substances and even treat a number of diseases.

To avoid difficulties with erectile function, you need to follow a number of recommendations.

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Limit the consumption of fatty, fried and too salty foods. Salt should be substituted for various spices. Products should be varied and contain the necessary vitamins. Do not forget about the use of meat and fish dishes.
  2. It is worth giving up bad habits. If you want to have a great sex life and always please your partner, then you do not need to drink alcohol and smoke.
  3. Do not forget about physical activity. Sport is the key to health. By doing twenty squats a day, a man will be able to ensure that the penis is lifted until old age.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle and tight underwear interfere with blood circulation. Therefore, if a man has a sedentary job, then he does not need to come home to sit down again in front of a computer or TV. Better arrange an evening walk or jog. Pay attention to underwear and clothing. They don't have to be tight. Buy items made from cotton and lightweight fabrics. And synthetics have a detrimental effect on men's health.

Products for good potency

On average, men experience 11 erections a day. Many of them arise during the night and go unnoticed. Getting an erection seems so easy, but in some cases it is not so easy to achieve it, especially for men of age and suffering from certain medical conditions.

Relaxation of the muscles is important for an erection. Only when the muscles are relaxed can sufficient blood flow into the erectile tissue. But not only the expensive "Viagra" is able to make the brain send signals to relax the muscles. There is an easier way: food. These 5 foods help to lift an important organ and keep it working.

  1. Bananas

    Due to their high potassium content, bananas improve blood circulation. In addition, the walls of the blood vessels relax. Wide blood vessels promote strong blood flow, which leads to ... a reaction below.

  2. Garlic

    Even ancient peoples praised garlic as a means to increase potency and libido. In the Middle Ages, the tuber was also called the love onion. Garlic normalizes blood circulation and thus has a positive effect on erectile ability.

  3. Olive oil

    If the garlic scent turns you off, try using a more neutral olive oil. A Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil keeps the blood vessels of the penis toned.

  4. Walnuts

    We know nuts are good for your health. But walnuts are especially beneficial for men's health. The active ingredient arginine and a protein found in large quantities in nuts dilate the blood vessels in the erectile tissue of the penis. In addition, walnuts contain a lot of zinc, an essential building block for the sex hormone testosterone.

  5. Alcohol

    Many men will love this tip! Red wine is rich in flavonoids, which are beneficial not only for health but also for sex life. The same amount of flavonoids as in a glass of red wine is present in 4 apples.

For all beer drinkers: beer also increases erectile capacity and reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis, one of the causes of impotence.

But be careful: please do not drink too much, because regular alcohol consumption can quickly reverse the effect and kill the potency.

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